Originally from Italy but born in Switzerland, Samuel Severino aka Luca Torre did early in 1996 his first steps in electronic music for which he discovered a true passion. From trip-hop to techno going through more architectural sounds like drum´n´bass or Brackcore.

Luca organized and participated in several events in Switzerland, in places like Loft Lausanne or even the Dachkantine in Zürich.

He arrived in Berlin in 2004 and continued to work on his dedication to music by becoming a sound engineer and a sound designer.

His interest for synthesis and modular systems brought him to work for the famous company Arturia where he then developed Presets. He also worked in the film industry where he took part in various projects. Follows up some releases on mp3 and vinyls on several labels and then began collaborations with various artists.

2016 is finally the arrival of it´s big label project. After several cogitation years he finally runs and owns the label Clock'Art Records where beautiful surprises await. His career is currently being boost by his passion, talent and famous techno artists name´s recognition who took part in his projects.
Luca is a pure eclectic and avant-garde dj. He is real fanatic sound designer, as much as an architecht of new sound constructions. He is a true artist who will keep on impressing us for years to come.


Franky Greiner born 1979, into a small town south-east of Berlin. In Socialistic Eastern Germany his childhood was surrounded by almost subcultural Vacuum.Music, Literature, Art were mostly governmental controlled.

Cultural Expressions from the capitalistic influenced world got mostly banned. Lots of Records were rare and often had to be smuggled in. Listing with friends a Radioshow or watching TV from western sector of Berlin became always risky event. The Mauerfall 89 changed that conditions totally. Openminded and touched by the common liberate feeling of the early nineties, able to digging records free and ready listing to all that unknown music out there, he started buying and collecting records, tapes and discs.

Around 1994 ,with his friends he started a club in Beeskow in an abandoned warehouse called „Treibstoff“. Guys like Norman Nodge, Andre Lodemann, Sammy Dee, Tom Clark played there.

16 years old Franky got his first regular playing experiences as Dj in Frankfurt/ Oder in a club called „Kulturfabrik“. The Residency „Yaburizuguri“ was set once a month and 500 people all subcultures were dancing to the eclectic sets mixing House, Drum & Bass, Trip Hop, Jazz, Hip Hop and Rock music to a whole journey.

1999 he moved to Berlin for studying Cultural Anthropology, Sociology and Politics at Humboldt University and became luckily friends with people like Chica Paula, Dandy Jack, Villalobos, Zip, Sammy Dee, Max Lodebauer and Michel Grinser. Charing the same passion for all kinds of music they asked him to play at their Private Parties, Birthdays and Afterhours.

In the surrounding of Berlin clubs like WMF, Old Panoramabar producing electronic music became more and more his interest. Together with Daniel Ramm they founded the Projekt Pikaya in 2001. Four years later they released their first production. During the Fusion Summer Festival 2005 Franky played their song 'Grüne Raufaser' to Luciano who liked it a great deal and released him in September 2006 on Cadenza Label.

Since April 2006 Daniel and Franky have worked as live act in clubs all over Europe. Pikaya live acts became well known in short time and gave them the opportunity to play gigs in front of thousands of people at DC 10, Privileg, Space, Panorama Bar, Tenax, Cocorico, Fusion Festival (2009 / 2011)

Franky’s passion of DJ ing music in long sessions was never out of his focus. 2006, luckily Franky found his creative home base in Gregor Krämers „Club der Visionäre“ and established here the Residencie called „Karawane“, where DJ s and Musicans like Ion Ludwig, De Walta, Luca Torre, Edward, Konstantin, Rene Audriard, Adil Hiani, Alex & Digby, Bella Sarris, NSI, Andre Lodemann, Roman Flügel, got invited to play their first session in this special and unique institution of berlin electronic dance music scene.

Among bigger events like O2 Parties (2008), Berlin Beats and Boots, Thaibreak (2010), Rave on Snow (2010) - Franky Greiner played over the years in almost every location of Berlin s underground nightlife like Tresor, WMF,103, Anita Berber, Bar 25, Chalet, Kater Holzig & Blau, Wilde Renate, Horst Kreuzberg, Watergate, Weekend, Griessmühle, Farbfernseher, Paloma Bar, GoldenGate, Suicide Circus, Bar Tausend, HRD Bar, San Remo, Pfefferbank, Cookies.

Used to play often all night long session he is able to accompanies evening jazz events that end up in dancing parties with Housemusik. One good example was his DJ live supporting of Mark Scheibe's Orchestra in the Admiralspalast Berlin (2011).

2012 he took a little break from clublive, finishing his Magister Studium at Humboldt University. Inspired by analyzing culture from the sonic and technology perspective - he wrote his examen about „Elektronische Musik als Akustikdesign.“

Updated with new inspiration and knowledge - different new projects poped up. All to do with sound. 2013 he got the chance to work for Ralf Kroner the founder of DD Distribution as Artistconsulting and for Arturia as Sounddesigner. Nowadays Franky Greiner is still Dj ing and Producing music under the credo that sound is a social thing, and a ton says more than thousand words.


The first signs of Ion Ludwig as a producer were brought to the world via a release on Butane’s Alphahouse in 2006. Ion however, possesses one of those unique stories of starting at such an early age, he was producing electronic music at the age of 17, having then his first release out at 21. Now, over 10 years on, his name continues to echo the representation of pure quality music, one which also shows that having a background as a musician certainly contributes greatly to such talent, dedication and wide recognition.

Ion Ludwig’s musical influences are very wide and not only have been marked by for instance his early encounters with playing acoustic guitar or African drums but equally, if not more importantly, those acquired by his travels and the exposure to different cultures which contribute as major influences to his work.

Ion Ludwig moved from Leeuwarden to Amsterdam and from there to Berlin in early 2005, throughout the 4 years he lived in Berlin. While actively producing in the studio places like Club Der Visionaere and Weekend Club helped shape his live performances to perfection.

On labels like Alphahouse, Stock 5, Resopal, Thema and later on Motiv Bank, and his own imprint Quagmire LTD he brought intricate and sophisticated minimal house and techno records, picked up by the masters of underground culture.

Special recognition needs to be given to a particular piece of work, his debut album ‘Free K Loudwiggle’ on his own imprit Quagmire LTD. This album is the result of 21 months’ work in Berlin then to finalise it, the mix down and mastering process were done over the course of 2 months after moving back to his birthplace in Holland, Kring van Dorth.

The true artistic dedication with its attention to detail and beauty are so evident in this piece of work, not only for its wide musical diversity covering jazz, funk, disco, house and techno and its marvelous competency in production skills but also the entire ethos and artistic concept around it which tells us a lot about the artist and his dedication to art in its purest form. It was released to a limited 200 copies with the unique touch on hand-making all the artwork, record covers were manually printed and stamps were given to each side of each record.
Following on from such artistic statement a whole new focus takes place in 2011 where labels like Meander, Be Chosen, Tenth Circle and Baby Ford's Trelik grow interest in his music. Critically acclaimed, his 2011 EP's make waves under the crème de la crème of electronic avant-guardists. This is also where his direction and style is defined for the coming years to go.

In 2012 his new conceptual Label Ugold Series start in co-operation with ‘DD Distribution’ Berlin. This is a result of him finding new ways to release his increasing explorations in sound under the focus of being an ‘introverted and impressionist’ producer of house and techno music. Working from his 'Ion’s Inn Studio' inside a medieval building he explores a vast expansion of retro-technical and modern electronic instruments enabling sound to be shaped beyond any hype.

On stage his live performances take place with the eye and ear set on the musical 'horizon'. Combining drum machines and synthesizers with a laptop and recordings from older and newer work his sound radiates a never-ending story and energy.