Rich of experiences, it is after 20 years of production, compostion and various collaborations that Luca Torre is proud to present us CLOCK'ARTRECORDS. CLOCK'ART is above all the successful outcome of its own entity and design of actual club music.The idea is simple, it is a label that looks like him and revolves around his own universe. This is why, will be signed only friends, or favorite artists who evolved at his side these last years (there are plenty !!)

CLOCk'ART is a new sharp label, demanding and successful, it is a new reference that will be able to suggest and impose its differences. It already announces a first EP with Franky Greiner with a remix of Ion Ludwig.

The duo Franky Greiner and Luca Torre is working on the First Ep on Clock'Art.The Berliner duo delivers its synthesis of his captivating and groovy sound, with 2 original pieces "Lengarsenal and Falco "and one, remixed by their friend Ion Ludwig: " Lengarsenal - Ions Ionized Cannonball Remix ".

LengarsenalProduced with a very percussive and groovy rhythm accompanied by his little arpeggiator, the cadence of the piece is clear and incisive. It is Embellished through a nice lead with its aquatic alien event giving depth to the sparkling pad.

FalcoA Rhythmic always as percussive played with a bass in arpeggiator which enables all the groove and cadence for that piece. A lead accompanies randomly the arpeggiator giving a certain depth to the pieces.

Lengarsenal- Ions Ionized Cannonball RemixIon made a very minimal hypnotic remix through a very rhytmic techno giving the impression of scrolling in a train. By taking cleanly the original clap as much as modulating wonderfully the sparkling pad. The whole will transport you through the galaxy.